Veritas Securities Limited (“Veritas”) is an Australian-owned and operated licenced securities dealer and corporate advisory business. As our name conveys, Veritas grounds its business activities on honesty and integrity to meet the needs of our clients. Our philosophy is to partner with our clients in the pursuit of wealth creation over a longer time frame than most of our competitors.

Established and operating since March 2006, Veritas was founded by its key executives, each with over 20 years of relevant industry experience. Veritas has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, positioning us within the centre of the business district which strategically allows us to understand and service the individual needs of our clients on a local level.

At Veritas we pride ourselves on our interpersonal relations with our investors, providing them with a tailored approach to ensure we meet the unique individual needs of our clients. This is achieved through our qualified and experienced staff whose in-depth knowledge and experience provides clients with effective investment solutions to meet each investors’ distinct requirements. It is through building these long-lasting relationships with each and every one of our institutional, corporate, and professional clients across a wide array of industry sectors that Veritas has been able to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Why Choose Veritas

Qualified: We are the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence and are a participating organisation of the National Stock Exchange of Australia.

Australian-owned: We are Australian-owned and managed which provides us with a long-term commitment and an intimate knowledge of the local marketplace.

Industry knowledge: We are specialists in emerging companies in both the industrial and resource sectors. We have the capabilities to concentrate on certain sections of the market allowing us to provide in-depth knowledge and research to our clients.

Tailored approach: We provide a tailored approach with an emphasis on honesty and open communication as a means to build long-lasting and interpersonal relationships with our clients. We deliver a wide range of comprehensive services to institutional, corporate, and professional clients.

Cost effective: We are committed to providing cost effective investment solutions in a competitive market.