The foundation of our business is our experienced analysts who provide market-leading research on the industrial and resource sectors. Our research team is highly experienced and specialises in identifying and focusing on numerous stocks outside the ASX 200 with specific emphasis on high-growth companies and developing countries. Veritas separates itself from its competitors through its sector impartial approach to equities research, focusing on high-growth companies from all business sectors. Thus, Veritas is able to provide its clients with unique investment opportunities from a wide array of sectors rather than a select few, taking into account each client's unique needs.

Veritas’s experienced analysts work hard to gain a full understanding of the companies they cover to ensure they provide their clients with in-depth, highly detailed, and high-quality research reports based on their fundamental and qualitative analysis. To view some examples of the in-depth research Veritas provides its clients, please select a link below:

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Veritas provides our clients with: